At Colibri Healing Therapy 

We believe that therapy is a transformative process incorporating different layers of ourselves and our environment. We center Liberation Psychology in helping people empower themselves and dismantle the effects of colonization within and as a collective. We see the person as a whole with mind, body, soul, and spirit. We use a trauma-informed approach that shifts the focus from what's wrong with you? to what happened to you?. Being culturally humble means that you are the expert of your own life, we are equals in the therapy room, and we continuously assess and address our own biases. At Colibri Healing Therapy we are 2SLGBTQIA+ Affirmative.

The universe will recycle the same experience in different forms until one  is able to transcend  and elevate to a higher level of self-awareness and alignment.



Elizabeth Gonzalez Morales, MA.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #123561
Monica de la Cruz Lopez Leal, MA.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #124970
  • Individual Therapy (children, adolescents, & adults)

  • Couples Therapy

California Tele-health and in-person sessions available upon consultation

Private pay and PPO Super-bill

"Good Faith Estimate Provided"

Please contact us with any questions you may have or if you are interested in scheduling a free 15-20 minutes consultation.

  • Trauma (Childhood & Intergenerational)

  • Latinx Family Dynamics

  • Personal & Cultural Identity

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Life Transitions


  • Grief & Loss

  • Relationships

  • Immigration & Acculturation

  • Neurodiversity

  • Relationships

  • Spirituality


"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"