My name is Elizabeth Gonzalez Morales and I am a licensed therapist in the state of California. I graduated in  2017 with a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy with Latinx Family Studies Specialization at Pacific Oaks College. I have been providing therapy for about 5 years now. 

I identify as a proud Mexican immigrant, Queer, Spiritual, Bilingual, and Bicultural person. My personal journey along with my education and training helped shape my calling and the person that will be sitting with you. 

First of all, I want to recognize the effort It takes to look within ourselves and that includes the process of starting therapy. I cherish the relationship built in our sessions because it is a great privilege to witness your story. There are many reasons to seek therapy and that can be: feeling more connected to yourself, others, a community, or the world; loving all of you; engaging in healthier relationships with others and yourself; connecting to your path in this life; healing intergenerational traumas; and healing the soul.

I can offer a safe space filled with empathy and compassion to walk through the difficult emotions and sensations that may arise when opening up old or new wounds. It is my hope to help you remember and strengthen that resiliency and wisdom you’ve carried inside and your ancestors’ guidance that has always been within you up to this point.

My approach is that of a team by providing the support you need when you need it and meeting you where you are. I practice with an eclectic lens when it comes to theoretical interventions to find a fit that works with and for you.


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Hola, I AM Monica de la Cruz Lopez Leal (Consejera De la Cruz Loba Leal)

Licensed in Marriage and Family Therapy with a focus on trauma -or as our abuelitxs called it, “susto” and soul integration. I was born in the Sierra Occidental Mountains of Jalisco, Mexico, from a lineage of Gente Mestiza (Huichol/Wixaritari) -holders of natural medicine and infinite wisdom.


As a child and adolescent, I continued to follow the natural path of my indigenous ancestors with my family on  both sides of the border; many of those undocumented; and, other times in Nepantla. A profound understanding of the complexity of the human spirit and experience  was gained through the lens of my lived experience as an immigrant farm workers; raised  in the ghettos and barrios; living through the LA Riots;  the war on drugs; family deportations; educational desegregation busing;  first generation college graduate; and as a parent of a child diagnosed with Autism. 

I draw from ancestral spirituality, lived experience and education to be your guide. I meet you where ever you  find  yourself on your  journey to a more authentic, integrated life through a culturally humble, trauma-resilient, compassionate lens where you are the expert of your life; and, I am a safe container to unpack and make meaning of your experiences.

We  are our own medicine; the answer lies inside the pain.


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